Have you ever had an experience that makes you question reality? You know... like those those science fiction stories where aliens are creating a world just for one person. Or maybe that you're lying a tup somewhere with everything you see and feel is a simulation al la The Matrix? I remember seeing old Twilight Zone episodes where the central character looks out one window to see the sun and looks out the other to see a rainy day.

I had one of those today. I was driving on the freeway where several ramps were come together. I needed to merge right into fast, merging traffic so I was watching the van in front of me merge right and watching in the passenger side mirror a dirty, blue pickup coming up fast on the right. I decided to let him zoom by and I'd merge in behind him. I saw him in the mirror getting closer. The van ahead of me had merged over and there was room for him to go by. So I looked to the right to see the pickup to find my place to merge and he was gone!!!! I mean totally missing. In the 4 lanes of traffic around me, there was not a dirty, blue pickup anywhere. The only place I saw him was in my passenger side mirror but he was not there in real life.

Do, Do, Do, Do. (Imagine the Twilight Zone theme).

Well, maybe there was a glitch in the reality simulation program. I'm just not sure. We'll see how the rest of the day goes.


MissusBlue ( 2005-11-21 10:25:31 +0000 ): And to add to that Twilight Zone theme, I assume when you wrote this, that you hadn't realized that you'd be WATCHING some of the Matrix movie on TV later that same evening. That's weird, too. That's not something you'd be likely to know ahead of time, It's possible, but unlikely for you. -your lady