Last night we went to Ice Cream Rennaissance up in Vancouver, Washington. It's not a chain, the owner is there to help you and it's linked into the community with local artists on the wall and local musicians playing in the background. This is one of those small businesses that increasing rent drives out.

And the ice cream is wonderful. It's not just that the ice cream is made there. The presentation is something you won't find anywhere else. I had the "Dr. Chocolate" which was a scoop of milk chocolate ice cream and a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream both rolled in cocoa and sitting in a perfect amount of fudge and chocolate chips. Heaven for a chocolate lover and a proper mixture of flavors. The other servings were also not just scoops if ice cream in a bowl.

I recommend the place whenever you're in the area. They are open late nearly every evening, too. We were there at 9pm on a Sunday evening.