Our cat Moon (really Moonlight, but that's only for formal occasions) disappeared a few days ago. All of our cats are indoor/outdoor cats but Moon is the only one who spends most of her time outdoors. The other cats spend most of their time lounging around the house like proper, spoiled cats.

But, like I said, Moon disappeared. Gone for three or four days. We called. We looked. No Moon. A saddness began to grow in the house.

Then, yesterday, there was Moon sitting in the house. A little thinner and with a large wound on her side. We surmise is that she got wounded and she hid to get better. All of our cats hide under a bed when they are sick or hurt. The wound is bad enough that we're glad she didn't die under a bed somewhere.

She spent the night at the vet's and we're getting her back today. I have no idea what wounded her (coyote, racoon, nail on a fence, ...) but the vet has it stitched up and drained and we'll get our cat back today.