I haven't been entering many entries because there hasn't been much going on -- I've just been hanging around the house resting. I'm not up to the energy level where I'm attacking my computer and doing neat things to my web pages or anything. I'm hoping for some "perkyness" next week.

I did have my followup visit with the cardio-surgeon today and he listened to my heart and lungs and looked at the foot long scar and said I was doing great. No need for another appointment or anything.

It's clear that being a heart surgeon is not a low margin business. His offices are in the 'doctors' building next to the hospital and you go down long, non-descript hallways and then enter his clinic offices. The offices were richly appointed with antiques and dark, rich colors on the walls. The ceiling was a deep red color and the hallways led one's eyes to lit decorations. The examination room had custom cabinets and wall paper. All, in all, he must not be doing poorly.