This heart problem has meant that I've looked into my family history to see about early on set cardio disease.

My father died suddenly at 65 -- one November day he went out to rake leaves and didn't come back. His father (my grandfather) had a stroke when he was in his late 60s and he died of heart failure a few years later. And, my great-great-grandfather died suddenly of heart failure when he was 63. The newspaper column here is from front page of the Oregonian newspaper on October 26, 1908. It is reported that great-great-grandfather "had been in his usual health yesterday and his sudden death was a great shock to the family". Sounds just like my dad.

So, maybe my having this operation will mean that I might live past the 65 my genes have planned for me.


Busy Mom ( 2004-02-01 01:22:35 +0000 ): You're going to break this cycle. Not a family tradition you'll want to continue!
Shaz ( 2004-07-06 08:48:32 +0000 ): Just happened to be surfing info on heart surgery and well I have ended up at your web site. I am so glad your got through the surgery so well and are now well again. My father has just had his second triple operation in the last 6 years. He is making a good recovery and will be all well again soon. By the way I am in Western Australia and found your site very interesting. Thanks for sharing it rather than putting it in a drawer.