Last week, a crew from TechTV came to our house and spent the evening interviewing and video taping our family. They had origionally phoned before Christmas but they didn’t have a crew in the area to get here for ChristmasCam. Instead, they came last week to talk to the family who has been “on the web” for eight years.
The oddity is that we have had cams in our house for years and the kids have grown up with them. It started with ChristmasCam eight years ago and the cams have just stayed around ever since. That and being a “connected family”. We have one room with all of our computers – one for each member of the family – and we spend more time “together” there than anywhere else in the house. It is truly our “family room”. Anyway, you will be able to find our TechTV interview on the air tonight at 8pm and 11pm EST and many times thereafter.