Last week our second phone line failed – DSL still worked but there was no dialtone. I spent a few days unplugging phones until Sunday when I finally crouched in the rain at the access box trying all the lines to discover that there was no dialtone coming into the house. So, I phone Qwest for service. They have received a few sanctions for bad service so I was apprehensive. I phoned Sunday, on hold for 5 minutes, they ran a “line check” and said a service person would be out the next day. That’s monday – President’s Day!! The next day, the service fellow shows up and finds that the line and it’s associated lines are shorted – “Must be in a puddle somewhere”. He’ll have to call the “cable crew” to fix it. “Oh, great”, I think, “there’s another week”. No, they came out that same afternoon!! The bottom line is that Qwest fixed the phone in one day with no hassle. Those big, bad telecommunication companies can do things right every now and then.