I’ve taken on the task of porting Aurora’s variable region feature into OpenSimulator.

This port will use Aurora’s protocol extensions so the existing Firestorm and Singularity Aurora support will now work for OpenSimulator. The larger regions size will be restricted to multiples of 256 meters and adjacent regions (the ability to have other regions spacially next to larger regions) will not be implemented and will not work. Additionally, the larger regions must be square. This latter restriction is because the viewers currently (20131101) only use the X size dimension for both X and Y size. These restrictions are enforced by code in RegionInfo.cs which truncates and rounds values and output warning log messages.

The size is be specified in the Region.ini file:

RegionUUID = 95ec77ec-58c5-4ce2-9ff3-b6d1900d78a2
Location = 1000,1000
SizeX = 1024
SizeY = 1024
InternalAddress =
InternalPort = 9200
AllowAlternatePorts = False
ExternalHostName = SYSTEMIP

If size is not specified, it will, of course, default to the legacy size of 256.

Since this will be a major change to OpenSimulator that touches a lot of different parts, subsequent posts, will discuss the changes I’m making.