Last week was a lot of eggings and TP'ings -- it must have been spring break. This week is full of real crime :-) :

  • A resident of an apartment complex reported the disappearance of her cat. It's a black, gold and white female with a red collar, and the owner is offering a $1000 reward.
  • My therapist is harassing me, says a local woman.
  • That big screen TV is not stolen from an apartment, it was repossessed.
  • Same goes for the dog stolen -- it escaped and was picked up my animal control.
  • An elderly man instructed his off-leash dog to "kill her, kill her" while gesturing towards the mother of a man wo decided he'd better call police.
  • A sick racoon found lying against a fence at [...] was sent to live on a big happy farm out in the country with lots of other raccoons, if you know what I mean. [As said before , this is exactly how it appears in the newspaper. --MB]
  • Three men fishing under a no trespassing sign were advised to dip their lines elsewhere.
  • A man called police to say a telemarketer is harassing him. [We all should be doing this. --MB]


jill blevins ( 2004-04-07 02:45:54 +0000 ): I'm guessing you're referring to the Lake Oswego Review. Take a ride with a LO Cop, late on a Friday or Saturday night, and you'll see they don't print most the tragic, nasty news. Yes, even Surgeons and CEOs beat their wives. Printing everything wouldn't reinforce the theme park which is LO. They have to sell papers, after all. Which is why they constantly print my daughter's picture, even if it's for truly un-newsworthy dumb stuff. Oh, and as for the raccoons? It's my husband who has to go and shoot them when they're rabid. He says it's the worst part of his job. Now that's something you can only say in Law Enforcement in Lake Oswego!
misterblue ( 2004-04-08 06:56:33 +0000 ): I hear you. I only put the weird stuff up -- I leave out all the DUIs, MIPs, robberies, thefts and domestics. It's not all raccoons and funny calls.