There was not much interesting listed under the "Public Safety" section of our local town paper, but it looks like the police were called a few times for very serious occurances. How do they train for all this stuff?

  • A sick raccoon was reported under the porch in the 17500 block of Schalit Way.
  • A large dead squirrel was removed from the roadway on the 1000 block of C Avenue.
  • Responding to a report of "blood all over the kitchen walls", a police officer found, instead, cranberry juice all over the walls.


Torridjoe ( 2004-03-22 09:58:25 +0000 ): Is this Lake O? Ha--my wife and I get a big chuckle out of the weekly blotter in the Review. I bet they pulled out ALL the fancy police equipment when those kids busted into Lakeridge High last fall! TJ