The excitement in the house this week was that my wife's purse was stolen. Well, actually, she left it behind at a yogurt store and when she came back, it was lying in the parking lot sans money and ID. So, an evening busy phoning credit card companies. And there was a lot of cash in the purse because she'd just started Christmas shopping and she had the Christmas money in transit.

Well, someone pointed out that that particular yogurt shop has a security camera. My wife talked to the store owner (who happened to not know of the theft or the visit by the police) and viewed the tape from the day before.

There, caught on tape wasthe girl and the counter and her friends (who happened to be hanging out in the shop) noticing the purse, picking it up, going through it and otherwise cleaning it out. Can't argue with that. They could deny everything if there was no camera, but, once you see the video, there is not much to deny.

And these are young, local kids who probably took advantage of a situation. But I mentioned the money above because it was enough money to make it a felony. One of the girl's is 18 and might end up doing time. A bad decision leading to a lot of consequences.


Chris with Pez (my cat) ( 2003-11-22 09:36:55 +0000 ): Hi there, I just wanted to say that I've had things stolen from me before and it never fails to give me that sick icky feeling in my stomach. Not only is it bad to have money or important items stolen, but in addition, that feeling of having your personal space violated is truly uncomfortable. I'm glad you know who did it... I gather that helps a little. sigh..
Misterblue ( 2003-11-23 10:45:52 +0000 ): And, it's turned out we were very lucky. Since the kids were caught on the camera and they were known in the area, the police has recovered all of our ID and most of the missing money! Very lucky.