I just can’t leave the Basil OpenSimulator viewer alone. I need to tweek and change and make improvements.

Well, I’ve updated BasilJS which is the browser/JavaScript based version of the viewer. The protocol was simplified into a more streaming form to better fit with the bi-directional WebSocket connection. Also, the protocol change from an Entity/Instance explicit form to a more Entity/Attibute construction. This required refactoring and debugging BasilJS all over again.

You can see the load-a-single-GLTF-file test mode of BasilJS on Misterblue OAR Collection where pressing “View” invokes BasilJS to load the converted OAR scene.

Then BasilTest was refactored to use the new protocol and to reorganized how SpaceServers are implemented so the OpenSimulator region modules can be simplified by using the common code. This made for major changes to the common C# code libaries (HerbalCommonEntitiesCS, HerbalTransportCS, and OSAuthModule).

The last refactor part is to redo the OpenSimulator region modules (Loden and RaguOS). Then I need to find a way of building an online demo so people can try it out.

That last idea (of “trying it out”) lead me to think of building a straight OpenSimulator viewer. This has been made especially critical as SecondLife development has veared away from compatible protocol and viewer changes. So, I’ve taken my old LookingGlass viewer and did a rehack to allow plugging in either the Godot or Stride (previously Xenko) rendering engines. Thus BasilG or BasilS will eventually exist building on all the logic I had in LookingGlass for using [libOpenMetaverse] to talk LLLP (Linden Lab Legacy Protocol). We’ll see how much progress I make.

The other task is getting all the web pages together.