About 6 months ago, a big source merge was done in OpenSimulator. The merge added many fixes and improvements to OpenSimulator (more stable TPs, vehicle region border crossing, better permissions, etc). The merged sources were from an old fork of OpenSimulator. The sources had been forked and improved for several years before the sources came back to be merged. This sort of thing would happen if any of the public grids donated their sources back to the base OpenSimulator projects (hint, hint – you other grids should really be donating back!).

Anyway, over the years between the fork and the source coming back, there were independent changes in OpenSimulator and the other grid. Doing a ‘git merge’ on two related, but independently modified sources is an iffy thing. You never know what changes will end up in the final sources.

On 20151116, commit f93ce485b1df8c1c8a7ff1a44b280ce30b8707b9 merged the branch ‘avinationmerge’ into ‘master’ and the version 0.9.0 journey began.

There are now two versions/branches of OpenSimulator: branch ‘master’ which is the unreleased version 0.9.0 and the branch ‘0.8.2-post-fixes’ which is the last released, ‘working’ version of OpenSimulator.

The ‘0.8.2-post-fixes’ branch is rooted in master on November 11, 2015 (commit f980355da4e233f714534afc6b958ceda1d07115) with patches applied thereafter for various bug fixes.

The problem is that Git will merge but that doesn’t mean what you wanted to do actually happened. My goal is to do a big diff between 0.9.0 and 0.8.2-post-fixes and go through the changes by hand. It will take a while but, I will be posting progress reports. The plan is to spend an hour a day going through the diffs.