The ‘varregion’ source branch in the OpenSimulator source repository has been updated this last week to fix a lot of the existing varregion problems. Some things that now work:

Teleporting to and from large regions using Singularity does not crash any more. There are still some problems with using the map to select teleport locations greater than 256 but that is being worked on.

Adjacent large regions now works. For instance, you can create adjacent 512x512 regions to reduce the number of border crossings. Remember that the region coordinates are specified in 256m region count so a group of four 512x512 regions would be specified at 8000/8000, 8000/8002, 8002/8000, and 8002/8002, for instance.

Another feature of adjacent large regions is, if you set your draw distance, you can see into the other regions.

Large regions show up in the map correctly. In fact, a lot of work was done on the Warp3D maptile rendered to make it faster, more functional (it now does meshes and prim textures[1]) and to not crash.

These changes are in the ‘varregion’ source branch which is in-sync with the master branch. More testing will make it get into the master branch quicker so test and file those manti.

[1] Check out the new parameters under the “[Map]” section in Opensim.ini.example.