LookingGlass Viewer Logo<p>My latest keep-me-busy project has been building a new viewer for OpenSim. The LookingGlass viewer is a virtual world viewer with an internal structure that makes extensions and mixing and matching easy. This all started as a project to learn C#. Work was dropping me into a project using that language so I had to learn and what better way to learn than to build something so grand and unattainable that I would have to learn something. Thus LookingGlass was born. </p>

The sources are not quite ready for releasing. The BSD licensed sources will be out in a few weeks. I just can't bring myself to put it out without the basic features going. I was put back about a month by switching from Mogre to Ogre which required me to learn the managed to unmanaged interface between C# to C++.

I will post a feature list and progress reports and some of my frustrations as time goes on. Eventually there will be a release date and wiki's and source control and bug reports but that will come in it's own time. For the moment, I will get back to the background loading of textures.