For this warm weather, I open up the house in the morning to let the cool night air in. I open windows and the door to the patio. This morning, the quiet of a Saturday morning at home was interrupted with chirping and tweeting and thumping from the living room. I ran out there to find one frightened and frantic bird flying around the living room with a cat in close pursuit.

There is a happy ending to this story. The bird flew behind the stereo speaker in the corner of the room and I grabbed the cat and got her out of the way. A dish towel thrown over the bird allowed me to pick it up and take it outside where it flew off into the trees.

Now, a few hours after the excitement, all of the cats in the house are still looking around the living room for the bird. They can smell it.


Your niece Jennifer! ( 2008-07-21 05:08:56 +0000 ): Hey there! I bet that birdie learned it's lesson. I wanted to get in touch with you, Could you send me your email address? Jackson and I are having a party for our 10th wedding anniversary and we'd like to invite you guys. I dont have Katie or Jennifer's contact info either. I have an online invitation if you have their email address' and I can just send all the info that way! Hope all is well! Talk to you soon, Jennifer