We are finally moving westward. A lot of time was spent getting to the east coast so the trip back will be a lot quicker.

After New Orleans, we spent a few days in Walt Disney World. The place is special, amazing and expensive. I think I'm getting tired of the parks like Walt did. Not that he came to dislike them, but he was ready to move onto something new. I am starting to get that feeling about being there -- time to find something new. In that vein, the pictures I took are of some of the many flowers in bloom and the crowds -- things people don't usually take pictures of.

From WDW, it was to the far coast and the Kennedy Space Center. This has been duded up with rides, multi-media presentations and gift shops -- oh, and high entry fees -- to make it a Disney-like experience. There are some rockets also. The bus tour takes you between fenced off places to peer at the launch pads, old Saturn rockets and modules being assembled for the international space station. The simulated shuttle launch ride was disappointing. The best presentation was the one about landing on the moon. Some pictures.

Up the Florida coast to Palm Coast. Tonight we're in Byron, Georgia. On the way there, the Fountain of Youth beckoned. On the northern shores of Florida is where Ponce de Leon came ashore looking for the Fountain of Youth. The natives told him that an island existed up north (he was the governor of what is now Puerto Rico at the time) with such a mystical fountain. On that spot today is a tourist attraction and a well said to be the remains of the once bubbling fountain. I sampled but, sadly, I don't feel any younger. But we visited the planetarium (with the oldest, manually operated planetarium system in the nation) and wandered the grounds until exiting through the gift shop, of course. Pictures.