My last entry wasn’t very talkative. I’ll add a little more today.

The days in Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park was a cool and cloudy day for this part of the world. That's one reason the pictures of Zion National Park don't do it justice -- the bright, gray sky didn't help my little digital camera. But try to imagine shear, red rock walls rising on each side of you for hundreds of feet. An amazing place even with the occasional rain.

Bryce Canyon National Park is mostly overlooks and hiking trails. The pictures are from the overlooks and show the unbelievable formations. Bryce is high enough that we enjoyed small snow flakes rather than rain drops. The temperature didn't get below freezing but the wind was mighty cold.

After Bryce Canyon, we stayed at a Rudy's Lodge and learned something about the tourists we were sharing the parks with. There are LOTS of Europeans here visiting the wild west. Bus loads (literally) as well as many cars of people speaking German and French and Italian and many other languages are everywhere. Those euros must be going a long way these days.

Today we drove from the national parks in the south west corner of Utah to the national parks in the south east corner of Utah. The weather is still being cool for this time of year so the temperature is in the 70s and the sky is full of clouds. We visited Arches National Park and took lots of pictures.