The phoned entry for Reno didn’t work yesterday so today I’m using a sad Internet connection. We stopped in Reno because we can get $30/night rooms (casinos are good for something). Once hanging out close to cheap rooms and massive buffet’s, we can drive up to Tahoe and hike and photograph the high altitude lake beauty.

Reno is an odd town. Growing by leaps and bounds. There are clearly the very rich (Jags and Mercedes abound and there are houses on the hills that, from 10 miles away, are clearly massive) and the very poor. The people aren't friendly in the saying 'hi' as they pass by way. But there is also an acceptance of the divides in money and people. It seems they keep the 'inconsequential' and 'real' separate. One is a show girl in the casino and a mom at home and those worlds are separate and everyone accepts that. That acceptance seems to go for money and position as well.

Another thing making Reno 'ok' is a temperature of 70 with white clouds in the blue sky. I'm sure it is a different town when it's 100.

We drove up and around Lake Tahoe. I will have some pictures up when I get some bandwidth but it was beautiful as always. We visited several of the lookouts and we threw a few rocks into the lake. The Tahoe area is getting developed so t's not like you're out in the woods.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we will be driving to Yosemite for another day of nature before diving into San Francisco.


Ty Magpie ( 2008-05-15 03:18:44 +0000 ): GO MISTERBLUE!!! GO GO GO! And keep trying to upload photos, you are being watched so it will help to have some photos to look at when you get to it. Now tell all about Yosemite... also, have your riders starting asking "Are we there yet" yet?
Jenn ( 2008-05-16 01:57:43 +0000 ): Looks like you are getting some great pics! WOW Reno hotels are cheap! Maybe I do wanna go to Reno! Keep us updated! All is well on the home front~!