Getting ready for the road Originally uploaded by MisterBlue I’m packing and getting ready for a road trip. After working for many years at one place, my work gives a sabbatical to spend refreshing and preparing for another many years of working. Over the next few weeks, I am packing my family and possessions into a van and driving around America. I will be using my phone to post daily notes from the road as well Twittering in the sidebar.

We did a similar trip 15 years ago. I found, on an old backup, the web pages I created to record that trip. Check out the original Trip Around America. That's from 1995 so appreciate the hand wrought HTML. Hey, back then the drop shadow on the GIF of America at the top of the page was Hot Stuff.

Like I said, I will be posting more as we travel. We'll see how far we get this time -- now the boys are grown and they will have opinions on where we go and what we do.

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