:MBPIC:20060800-Misc:IMG_1218.jpg:picLeft: :MBPIC:20060800-Misc:IMG_1220.jpg:picLeft: :MBPIC:20060800-Misc:IMG_1221.jpg:picRight: :MBPIC:20060800-Misc:IMG_1223.jpg:picRight: If you check out the LivingroomCam page this Sunday evening, you’ll see many teenagers busy playing D and D. All the teenagers at my son’s school have been interning somewhere or going to summer school or working somewhere and, since it’s August, they finally have time to get together and play. I do my best to give them chances to just be kids and play with each other. Kid’s activities are so organized and scheduled these days. Modern children wouldn’t know what to do with a warm afternoon and a field – something that I had to learn about when I was younger.

Anyway, we have playing kids until 10 tonight. They are even planning to cook their own dinner of manicotti. There’s no school tomorrow. Ahhh, youth.