Oregon is participating in the heat wave that is spread across the nation. We had over 104 here and have, like most of the states of the nation, broken records with heat. The only thing that saves us a little is that the humidity is only 23% when it gets to 100F. There are a lot of places where head plus humidity makes for an unbearable situation.

This global warming is a problem. It's never been this hot like this in Oregon. I wish people would stop arguing whether it is a "natural cycle" or caused by green house gases. It seems clear to me that it's a natural cycle that's been goosed by man's activities. Now, no matter who's to blame, we have to get busy with some terraforming before the planet becomes uninhabitable for several billion people who are already trying to live here. Doesn't matter the orgin, the question is what we do next. Humans are not the sit-around-and-do-nothing type. So, let's change thiings.