One of many educational catalogs we receive included a very educational item:

Nothing gives kids (and adults) the giggles more than the subjects of farts and poops. This adorable plush bear and two fun books turn taboo subjects into natural, healthy converstaions... with loads of laughs. Li'l Stinker Bear has a wireless remote thta causes him to produce six different "gassy" sounds, and his cheeks light up as he "blushes" after each funny deed! 3 AA batteries included. 12" high. The Gas We Pass, the Story of Farts book playfully teaches kids about the simple science of flatulence (human and animal); Everyone Poops lightheartedly shows kids who are potty training that they're not alone -- because every living creature poops! Both are colorfullyillustrated 28-page hardcover books. Ages 3+.

We never had stuff like this when I was a kid.


Jack Bog ( 2005-10-18 09:50:04 +0000 ): You really need to read the book "Walter the Farting Dog." It's a great book. Both kids and grownups have to laugh.