I didn't mention that my trip to Chicago was on United Airlines . It seems that United has pissed of their baggage handlers and we're the one's, you and I, who are suffering the consequences.

On the way home, everyone got onto the plane, all sitting in our seats and buckled in with the door closed ready to go, but we sat there for 45 minutes while they "finished loading the luggage". That's right, the plane was more than 45 minutes late because of waiting for the luggage to be put on board.

On the way to Chicago, I arrived there at 5pm on Sunday. It was over an hour before my luggage was on the carrosle. Mine wasn't the real sob story, though. The plane in from Las Vagas was sitting at the gate with the luggage onboard. People were standing around waiting and waiting for their luggage until the United representitive who had to face all the ticked off customers told them that they didn't know when the luggage would get unloaded. The best they could offer was to file a 'lost luggage' claim and it would be delivered to them the next day.

That's service.

I think, that no matter how cheap the fares are, you should give United a miss for a while.

Oh, and yes, I didn't check my bags on the way back.