My commute to work includes being stopped by ramp access lights. For you folks in less highway-ized parts of the world, in order to spread out cars entering a crowded freeway, there are stop lights that turn green to let single cars onto the freeway. Cars trying to get into the freeway usually get into two lines and lights on each side alternately turn green letting one car from each lane onto the freeway spread out with 10 or 15 seconds between.

The problem as a driver entering one of these ramps is to choose which of these two lanes to get into. Since the cars are alternating, you want to get into the shortest line. I had developed quick counting skills to count the cars in each of the waiting lanes and decide the one for me.

But, a few weeks ago I realized that I must not be the only one counting. Since it is in everyone's advantage to always choose the shortest line, I would presume the person ahead of me counted and made the correct decision. All I have to do is choose the opposite of the person just ahead of me.

Well, one week of data gathering and, for the last week, the person ahead of me chose wrong EVERY TIME!!!! I find this really hard to believe, but there you have it. Any conclusions are left to the reader.