This weekend I got my haircut. I've been going to those mall, walk-in hair cut places -- Super Cuts, etc -- but this weekend I was frequenting (supporting) local small businesses and having my shoes re-heeled at the local shoe shop. And there, two door over, I found a barber shop.

The owner is the third barber there. The two before him clipped hair for years and eventually retired. The shop has the bench to sit on, the piles of men's magazines and the collection of pictures and memorabilia on the walls that is expected of an old fashioned barbarshop. And this was the real thing -- none of that obviously chosen and arranged antique stuff you find in theme shops and restaruants.

There was even the red and white barber poll out front. And, Izzik Moreno of "The Gentleman's Edge" gave me a pretty good hair cut.

Support your local shops -- the national chains have enough customers.