We went out last Sunday and cut our own Christmas tree and set it up for the 10th anniversary of ChristmasCam. This year we didn't get the normal Douglas Fir. We got a Colorado Spruce. We read somewhere that this is a prickily tree that cats might not try to climb. We happen to have a hyperactive kitten in the house this year, so non-climbing is a good thing. I will report that the tree is Very Prickily. Gloves are required for any handling. I'll report on my luck with the kitten.


ChristmasCamMom ( 2005-02-03 03:48:42 +0000 ): Wow, nice picture of the guys and their fresh "kill". I would like to report that the colorado blue spruce indeed kept the kitten from inside the tree, however, she did like to "undecorate" everything within her "godzilla kitty" reach.