A article at Boing Boing lead to the SaveDisney.com's plea to save Tomorrowland.

As a person who has visited Disneyland and Disneyworld many, many, many, many, many many many times, I am aware of what they speak. Tomorrowland is becoming more and more like the uninspired new lands that the corporation has built. California Adventure at Disneyland and the Disney Studio at Disneyland Paris are dull, lifeless and just not interesting to visit. Let alone having to pay piles of dollars to get in.

Part of me, though, is facinated by the battle between the people who want to keep Disney Disney and those who are making it into a modern, bottom-line, soul-less but profitable company. I have read several of the autobiographies on Walt Disney and I have come to the conclusion that, if he hadn't died, the company would be a lot different then the movie and amusement park company that most of the 'old timers' wish. Walt was passionate about his next ideas. First they were animated movies, then they were about the parks and his next project was changing how communities are created and how people live . If you've ever road the train around Fantasy Land in Disneyworld, you'd know that Walt-the-perfectionist was not focusing on the rebuilding of his last project.

Anyway, I cheer the 'make it like the old times' people. I especially liked the idea that the best replacement for Eisner is Steve Jobs. Now there is a fellow that is creative and can lead a creative company and can lead a technical company. That would be an interesting change.