There is a starling rookery over the highway. There are power lines from one side to the other and, in the evening, there are hundreds of birds on the power poles, on the power lines, reaching from one side of the highway to the other.

This is the time of year that I drive home from work just before sunset. As I drive down the freeway I watch black swarms of birds flying one way and then the other -- block clouds in a special, odd fast/slow/fast motion in the air. As I drive down the freeway, I get closer to the power lines and I can see that the power lines are "thick" -- they look black from all the birds that have settled on them. Birds everywhere.

This has gone on for serveral years. I wonder how long I will enjoy the flowing clouds of birds in the fall.


cammwithpezz ( 2004-10-09 09:22:40 +0000 ): What you described sounds sorta spooky! Do you have pictures of these birds? eek! By the way, I like your websites Halloween touch. I came in the other day and thought that I had popped up at the wrong site ...hehe Take care and keep up the great work. =)
Misterblue ( 2004-10-10 07:23:13 +0000 ): I can't take very good pictures of it while driving ;-). Think of clouds of hundreds of birds swooping, reforming over the freeway. And a picture wouldn't do it justice -- it needs a video. Thanks for the comments on the Halloween theme. I usually also have a Christmas theme, but I was thinking of what to do for Thanksgiving. Hummmm....