A quick day trip to the beach. I hadn't walked on the beach in a long time so I suggested just driving over there and doing just that. We went to Cannon Beach where the much photographed Haystack Rock is located.

          Men of War jelly fish had washed up on the beach
          so the high water line was covered with the
          little blue jelly fish.
          It was also low tide so the area around Haystack Rock
          was exposed showing off mussels, barnicles,
          anenomies, starfish and crabs.

Pictures are available.

2004-05-31 8:01am: As was pointed out by pril, what I was taught when I was a kid was wrong -- the small blue jelly fish are not "Man o' War", but are really "By-the-wind Sailor" or "Velella velella" (Phylum Cnidaria/Class Hydrozoa/Order Anthomedusae/Family Velellidae). They are similar to the Portuguese Man-of-War. Live and learn.


pril ( 2004-05-31 12:07:45 +0000 ): aw, the little blue guys are Sailors o' the Wind (Velalla Velalla) and they wash up every spring. They're neato! And harmless! Cheers!
catpurrson ( 2004-05-31 04:07:48 +0000 ): Ahhhhhh yes....always someone to the rescue with the right name of whatever. I have a friend who can ID anything on the planet, I swear. (and, she's RIGHT!) I have some books, but I dont think I'll ever know them all. But now, you know *one more thing* (smile) Nice pictures, I could easily feel at home there.