Last night, my son's school presented a set of plays entitled Tango Lessons: Three One Act Plays . They were all written and directed by David Wagstaff -- one of the teachers at the school. They weren't usual "school plays" in that most of the actors were professional. Two of the actors were students at the school and this provided excellent experience for the student actors and the technical staff (my son did lights and sound).

In the Director's Notes, David Wagstaff relates reading an article on the tango and the five rules of that dance:

  1. perfect communication is better than perfect execution
  2. space between partners keeps them close
  3. after three dances you have the right to change partners
  4. you can dance your way out of a corner
  5. always wear the right shoes

He continues: "It is the dance we are all born to dance; it is the performance of the heart that gives us the freedom to be who and what we are -- passionate, conflicted creatures moving to rhythms deep, terrifying and delightful. The dance of love."

Do the five rules of the tango relate to your dance?