The Misterblue email address has been around for nearly 10 years so it's on every spam list imaginable -- I get between 100 and 200 pieces of spam a day. I've been using Spammunition as my Outlook spam filter. I've really liked it. It's a Bayesian filter and one just moves spam into a folder, add the people you know are good to a 'white list' and it trains itself and after that, nearly all spam is moved into the spam folder as new mail arrives. There have been very few false positives (I once had a problem exchanging email with my doctor -- we were discussing my prescriptions and that was too close to spam'ness).

Spammunition is free, but that also means that the developer can wander off to other projects. He seems to have done just that after getting married last year. It's now starting to crash every now and then and it's beginning to suffer from bit rot.

So, it's time to get another filter. A quick Google shows the following choices:

SpamBayes Sourceforge project. Written in Python and looks to include mail proxies and a bunch of other bells and whistles. Uses Bayesian algorithm.
Spam Bully Commercial ($30) that looks to be well liked and well integrated into Outlook. Uses Bayesian algorithm plus other "advanced algorithms". Various "editor choice" awards.
InBoxer Commercial ($28) that looks to be well liked and well integrated into Outlook. Uses Bayesian algorithm. Various "editor choice" awards.
OutlookSpamFilter Commercial ($25). Uses Bayesian algorithm.

And I'm sure there are many more.

So, what have you tried? What works for Outlook (besides throwing it out the window)?


catwoecat ( 2004-04-07 07:51:45 +0000 ): I am using SpamWeed, it's a very good and spam filter. You can have a try.
Sony ( 2004-06-25 06:31:07 +0000 ): My company has just purchased Spam Bully for Outlook. Spam Bully support Exchange accounts, that is very good for us. And I have to say it is an absolutely excellent product. I tried and tested a few products before recommending SpamBully. It was by far the best - a brilliant piece of anti-spam software. Tristan
misterblue ( 2004-06-25 01:35:33 +0000 ): I finally bought Spam Bully. It works great. I like it's feature of analyzing one's inbox as well as spam to automatically generate the white list as well as the black list. My spam problem is to a managable level.