Since I've been back to work, I haven't been blogging much -- working at my computer after a day of working at a computer doesn't have the appeal it used to have. But I am recovering and, except for various pains in my rib cage (seems it doesn't like being ripped open), I'm pretty much back to normal operation just 8 weeks after having my body opened up and my heart stopped.

I've been granted new life. Outside it's spring and the birds are singing for new life. The sun is shining and the plants are starting to bloom. Looks like today will be the first lawn mowing of the year.


Torridjoe ( 2004-03-06 04:18:23 +0000 ): don't that put the dink in the coinkidink! I'm in Lake Oswego, and I just mowed my lawn for the first time this year. It was still pretty wet, but 36 dry hours is about all we can hope for for another 6 weeks or so. Carry on, TJ