As I have reported before , the local, small town paper reports the last week's police business. Some of the entries from last week were:

  • A woman was bitten by a dog at Palisades Market, which was probably only fair since she'd just hit him with her car.
  • You, the woman who walks the blond lab at Westlake on weekday mornings -- someone is going to call the police the next time she sees you with the dog off leash.
  • A house was doused with shaving cream and toilet paper. Tis is apparently the second time this has happened, and presumably has something to do with the teenage daughter living there.
  • A woman was reported driving around First Addition, yelling as she drove, "Does anyone want to buy a car?". Police located the woman, who does indeed have a car for sale.
  • A resident of Pointe apartments -- who had apparently been drinking -- reported that the coffee man has placed a bomb in her apartment.
  • An individual was cited for excessive noise emanating from his drums.

And, as always, this is exactly as it appreared in the paper.

And, very saddly, two of the reports were of young women (12 and 14) attempting suicide. Very sad.

Comments: ( 2004-02-14 11:46:13 +0000 ): Police Reports On the towns local police business is published in the weekly newspaper. Thought I'd pass along the link: Misterblue. Com Police Business...