This holiday week lead to an unexpectedly large "miscellaneous" section in our local police blotter but most of them were DUI's and MIP's (a lot of alcohol was misused this week). There were a few notible entries (and, as I've said before , this is exactly as it appears in the paper):

  • It seemed a perfect plan: Set up barricades in the road near West Waluga Park, then, when people get out of their car to move them, jump up and pelt them with eggs. But, alas, police located the four juveniles responible and turned them over to their respective parents.
  • A suspicious vehicle seen driving in circles at the High School was determined to be a father teaching his son to drive a stick shift.
  • A man wo bought copper kettles in Jordan called police wen something fell off them -- drugs, he suspected. Police tested the mystery crud fr opiates and THC, and still don't know what it is.
  • When he ran a stop sign, she threw her gloves at him. When he stopped to confront her, he threw her hand truck over an embankment, climbed back in his truck and left.
  • A woman said her night vision glasses enabled her to spot her ex-boyfriend walking around her home.
  • Two neighbors can't agree where a fence between their properties ought to go, and what's more, the one who's not building the fence suspects the fence-builder is drunk.
  • Cape-draped, sword carrying juveniles were reported standing in the traffic lanes in front of the Lake Theatre. Police found the group waiting to see "The Lord or the Rings" and told them to stay out of the street.