Krispy Kream finally came to Portland. With much fanfare, one opened on the east side of town. I heard stories of lines of cars around the block. Then, about two months ago, they opened one on the west side of town. This one is in the middle of the Silicon Forest -- lots of tech people to suck up those donuts.

I can see the bright neon lights from the highway as I drive by twice a day. But I don't see lines of cars or a packed parking lot. I see a donut shop that you can walk into and get a dozen without waiting. I'm not sure if it's that Portlanders are not attuned to donuts or whether the thrill of the Krispy magic is passing.


Busy Mom ( 2003-11-07 06:02:59 +0000 ): The "Hot Doughnuts" sign is on here in Tennessee! Love Krispy Kreme!