Land line phones are a complete rip off!!!

I'm paying the phone bill and, with two phone lines and DSL, it comes to over a hundred bucks. But the phone lines cost $18 each and the DSL is $32. Hummm. How is that over $100? Well, there are $30+ of "Taxes, Fees and Surcharges"!!!! "Federal Excise at 3%", "Franchise at .3%", "State 911", "Federal Universal Serv Fund", "Oregon Universal Service Surcharge", "Oregon PUC fee", Federal Universal Serv Fund Private Line" (again??!!), "Residential Service Protection Fund", "Federal Access Charge", "Federal Access Charge Additional Line", "Federal Charge Service Provider Number".

And that's for the basic phone service. The long distance carriers have their own special categories: ?Universal Connectivity Charge", "In-state connection fee", Bill Statement Fee". That last one is $1.50!!! One fifty to send me a bill!!

I might be getting rid of my phones.