We did our Saturday run this morning. It was 10 miles which is long but not terrible. The worst part was the heat and humidity. Now people from places that really get hot (Phoenix, ...) will roll their eyes and think we're wimps over here, but getting into the 70s is hot for us folks living in the wet and rainy Willamette Valley .

And the weather has been warm and humid. We don't get suck-the-water-out-of-you dry and we don't get take-a-shower-and-never-get-dry wetness. It's rather pleasent around here. Usually. We just don't get hot (80s) and humid days in May in this place. But that's what we've been having. Something is going on with the weather.


Vicki ( 2003-05-24 10:26:08 +0000 ): My sympathy for the hot and humid stuff. We get the hot here in Hemet, CA, but not normally the humid. I miss the your neck o' the woods (we lived in Washington for awhile) and all that green. Hope you get your normal weather back soon :)