Another weekend filled with chores and stuff. You would think that after a week of work, one could have the weekend off, but, <SteveMartinVoice>nnnnnnoooooooo</SteveMartinVoice> the weekend fills up with all the stuff one has to do around the house and that couldn't be done while you were working.

Let's see, we start with a 3 mile run with our Portland Marathon training group, the kids have a concert and orchestra rehearsal and tonight, the wife and I have a play to go to. Tomorrow, I get to finish my taxes , move the house phone line so it's out of the way for the contractor on Monday (with the necessary trip to Frys ), pick up more of the house because of the mess of the remodel.

Sigh. That doesn't leave me much time to work on this web site, the picture pages (fun with XML and XSLT ) and writing more stuff here. Maybe next weekend.