What a wonderful Sunday morning -- spent the time just lying in bed reading. The window over my bed was open and I could hear the rain and wind of this cool, wet Oregon spring morning.

My wife is off at a marathon and the kids are sleeping late, so I have the morning to myself. I finished reading by #15 To Much Coffee Man which is a wonderful and interesting independent 'zine. For me, it's a look into the independent 'zine publishing world -- the main stream press (and even much of the non-mainstream tech press ) focuses on what the big guys are doing. But, behold, the little guys are alive and kicking. TMCM is an example of a good, non-mainstream paper magazine. #15 has an interview with Dan Sinker of Punk Planet which is about the non-mainstream music publishers.

Makes a Sunday morning in bed even better knowing the world isn't all going to pieces -- there are still people out there striving and going Good Things.