Since I’ve started playing with Herbal3d again (more on that later), I need to have an easy way of running my modified OpenSimulator instances. Thus, I’ve gone back and updated my old opensim-docker project.

I first updated from V1 to V2 by updating OpenSimulator configuration files to the latest versions and then reworking the code so it is easier to understand.

That last problem was that it was a muddle of which image was being created and which runtime configuration was to be used. So now there are clearly two images (found in the directories image-opensim and image-herbal3d) and there are multiple configurations for those images in the image directories.

I also debugged the SQL version so it properly creates a standalone region and connects to the separately spun up database container.

After working on V2, I have come to feel that the idea of putting the configuration and the secrets for the configuration into the Docker image is wrong.

Thus version 3 is born.

The plan is to fix docker-config to mount the config directory in the user’s space. The process then becomes to clone the repository, build your image, edit the configuration information in the config directory, and finally start the container.