Basil is the viewer portion of a larger project to build a a system of 3D object discovery, manipulation, and display. Basil can be used to view virtual worlds, games, or augmented reality. The display may be a computer screen, a tablet, head mounted goggles, or a heads up display.

The Basil viewer is surrounded by several other components:

  • Basil Viewer to display 3D objects. This is an X11-like render client specialized for 3D objects;
  • Pesto session manager manages connections to virtual worlds. It finds and instantiates connection modules to virtual world or augmented reality object sources;
  • Loc-Loc is a univeral space server registration and lookup service.
  • Ragu connects the Basil viewer to an OpenSimulator world to display the objects and avatars from there.

Added to these modules are connection modules which connect the viewer components to object repositories. If the viewer is being used to inhabit a virtual world, the repositories hold the world to view. If the viewer is being used for augmented reality, the repositories contain locations and representations of objects in the real world.

Architecturally, the interface between the modules is defined by their APIs and associated protocols. This way, modules can have different implementations, can be distributed (run in more than one process or computer), and can evolve independently.

    Feb 14, 2015 - Welcome to Basil!

    Welcome to the basil project. Just starting the site and an initial stab at architectural documentation.

    Now I have to learn MarkDown and Jekyll but I wanted to learn them anyway.